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Get stronger

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A genuine interest in my clients' well-being combined with current research in nutrition and exercise science guide me in designing your personalized fitness programs. We will work together to set short-term and long-term achievable goals, and we will get there together.

  • Training customized FOR you, focused ON you, helping you achieve YOUR goals.

  • Science-based nutritional guidance to lose weight. We measure your progress toward your fat loss goals.

  • Infectious high energy and positivity! We make working out a laughter-filled, fun part of your day.

  • DXA is the gold standard for body composition testing (e.g. fat and muscle percentages).

Our Team

I bring my science-based approach and results-driven orientation to your struggles. Formerly a structural geologist, (thus the Ph.D.), I changed careers because of a deep desire to help people be healthy and happy. I want you to be and feel your absolute best and I have the background, training and personality to help make that happen! I am 50-something, so I've got you covered: I know what it's like getting older and because I stay on the front edge of current research, I know how to train you safely. I've also been a young athlete, so not only have I lived that training, but I use the most recent science-based practices for training your age group.

Karen Carter, Ph.D., Certified Personal Trainer


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